Need to convert a JPEG (.jpg) image file to the BMP format? Our free online JPEG to BMP converter allows you to quickly and easily change a JPEG file to a .bmp file with just a few clicks. BMP (Bitmap Image File) is an uncompressed raster image format that produces larger file sizes but higher quality images compared to JPEGs.

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About JPEG and BMP Files

JPEG and BMP are 2 distinct image file formats

What is JPEG File?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a ubiquitous image format that uses lossy compression techniques to reduce file sizes. While ideal for photography, JPEG compression results in loss of image quality, lacks transparency support, and cannot store animations or layered images.

When to Convert JPEG to BMP?

While JPG/JPEG is the most common format for compressing digital photos and images for web and internet use, there are some cases where converting to an uncompressed BMP may be useful:

  • Photo Editing/Graphic Design: BMP preserves all image data without compression loss for editing high quality images in programs like Photoshop.
  • Computer Icons/Graphics: Small graphics like app icons, cursors etc benefit from BMP’s bitmap structure.
  • Faxing: BMP is one of the standard formats supported by fax protocols and software.
  • Printing: Some printers and publishing software handle BMPs better than other formats.

How to Convert JPEG to BMP Online:

Our JPEG to BMP converter supports batch conversion and preserves image quality and metadata. Convert your JPEGs to BMPs now using our free online tool!


Choose compression type (uncompressed, LZW, etc) and other BMP options


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