Need to convert your JPEG (.jpeg) images to the PNG format? Use our free online tool to easily change JPG/JPEG files to PNG images with just a few clicks. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless raster image format that preserves full image quality without compression artifacts, making it ideal for graphics with text or transparent backgrounds.

JPEG to PNG Conversion

About JPEG and PNG Files

JPEG and ICO are 2 distinct image file formats

What is JPEG File?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a commonly used lossy compressed image format. JPEGs reduce file size by selectively discarding some pixel data during compression. While ideal for photographs where minor loss is acceptable, JPEGs do not support transparency and can suffer from compression artifacts.

Benefits of Converting JPEG to PNG:

  • Lossless Image Quality: PNG preserves full image quality without compression artifacts.
  • Transparency Support: PNGs can have transparent backgrounds unlike non-transparent JPEGs.
  • Better for Graphics/Text: PNG is preferred over JPEG for graphics, logos, images with text or geometric shapes.
  • No Generation Loss: You can edit and re-save PNGs multiple times without quality degradation.

How to Convert JPEG to PNG Online:

Our JPEG to PNG converter preserves metadata, supports bulk conversions, and allows editing like resizing or cropping before conversion. Convert your photos and images to PNGs today!


Upload your JPEG image file(s) via file picker or drag-and-drop.


Adjust quality settings if down sampling from larger JPEGs.


Download the converted PNG file or share directly.