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JPEG to TIF Conversion

About JPEG and TIFF Files

JPEG and ICO are 2 distinct image file formats

About JPEG Files:

The JPEG file format uses lossy compression techniques to reduce file sizes by discarding some image data. While ideal for photography where some losses are acceptable, JPEGs lack certain capabilities like layering, transparency and lossless compression modes.

Benefits of Converting JPEG to TIFF:

  • Lossless Compression Options: TIFF allows lossless compression to retain full image quality.
  • Layering and Transparency: Unlike JPEGs, TIFF supports layered files and transparent backgrounds.
  • Editing Capabilities: The format’s metadata stores editing operations for non-destructive editing.
  • Color Depth Options: TIFF handles deep color depths like 16-bit and 32-bit images.
  • Print Publishing Standard: TIFF is a preferred format for professional print production workflows.

How to Convert JPEG to TIFF Online:

Our JPG to TIFF converter retains all metadata, handles bulk conversions efficiently, and allows resizing before conversion. Convert JPEGs to this powerful format now!


Upload your JPG/JPEG file(s) using the file picker.


Choose compression type (uncompressed, LZW, etc) and other TIFF options.


Click “Convert to TIFF” button to transform JPEGs to TIFF format.


Download generated TIFF file or share via link.