Need to convert your JPEG (.jpeg) images to the more efficient HEIF format? Our free online tool allows you to easily convert JPEG files to HEIC/HEIF with just a few clicks. HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) is a modern image format that provides better compression than JPEGs for smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality.

JPEG to HEIF Conversion

About JPEG and HEIF Files

JPEG and HEIF are 2 distinct image file formats

What is JPEG File?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a commonly used lossy compressed raster image format. It allows varying compression levels to reduce file size, but compresses images by selectively discarding some pixel data. This makes JPEGs ideal for photographs and graphics where minor loss of quality is acceptable to minimize file size.

Benefits of Converting JPEG to HEIF

While JPG/JPEG is the most common format for compressing digital photos and images for web and internet use, there are some cases where converting to an uncompressed HEIF may be useful:

  • Smaller File Sizes: HEIF uses modern codecs to compress images up to 50% smaller than JPEGs without quality loss.
  • Better Quality: At the same file size, HEIF images have better quality than equivalent JPEG compression.
  • Transparency: Unlike JPEGs, HEIF supports images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Improved Color: HEIF supports 16-bit image coding for deeper color than 8-bit JPEGs.

How to Convert JPEG to HEIF Online:

Our JPEG to HEIF converter is fast, preserves metadata, and supports batch conversions. Switch to the modern HEIF format now!


Upload your JPEG image(s) using the file picker or drag-and-drop.


Select your desired quality setting (max, high, medium, low).


Download or share your converted HEIC/HEIF images.