Need to turn a JPEG (.jpeg) image into an icon file? Use our free tool to easily convert your JPEG pictures and photos to the ICO format used for computer icons and favicons. ICO (Microsoft Windows Icon) is a file format designed to store images used for desktop icons, taskbar icons, and favicons in various sizes and color depths.

JPEG to ICO Conversion

About JPEG and ICO Files

JPEG and ICO are 2 distinct image file formats

What is JPEG File?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one of the most widely used image file formats for storing digital photos and graphics. It uses lossy compression to reduce file size by selectively discarding some image data. This makes JPEGs suitable for continuous-tone photographic images where some minor loss of quality is acceptable.

When to Convert JPEG to ICO?

While JPEGs work well for digital photos, you may need to convert them to the ICO format in certain situations like:

  • Creating App Icons: Programs, software, and desktop apps require icon files for their shortcuts and display.
  • Designing Website Favicons: Favicons are the small icons shown in browser tabs and bookmarks for websites.
  • Using Windows System Icons: Windows uses ICO files for system icons, file type icons, folder icons etc.

How to Convert JPEG to Icon Online:

Our online JPEG to ICO converter preserves transparency, allows editing like cropping/resizing, and supports bulk conversions. Convert your photos to icons now!


Upload your JPEG image file using the chooser or drag-and-drop.


Set the color depth (8-bit, 24-bit etc.)


Download the generated ICO file for use.