Looking to convert JPEG (.jpeg) images to the modern WEBP format for faster web loading and smaller file sizes? Use our best free online JPG to WEBP converter to easily change your photos and graphics to the WEBP image format with just a few clicks. WEBP provides superior lossless and lossy compression compared to JPEG, PNG and GIF while supporting transparency and animation.

JPEG to WEBP Conversion

About JPEG and WEBP Files

JPEG and ICO are 2 distinct image file formats

What is a JPEG File?

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a ubiquitous image format that uses lossy compression techniques to reduce file sizes. While ideal for photography, JPEG compression results in loss of image quality, lacks transparency support, and cannot store animations or layered images.

Top Benefits of Converting JPEG to WEBP:

  • Smaller File Sizes: WEBP achieves 25-35% more compression than JPEGs for image sizes.
  • Faster Page Loads: Reduced WEBP file sizes translates to much faster website loading times.
  • Transparency & Animation: Unlike JPEGs, WEBP supports transparent backgrounds and animated WEBP images.
  • Better Image Quality: At the same file size, WEBP images have higher quality than equivalent JPEGs.
  • Widespread Browser Support: All modern browsers and HTTP clients support the WEBP format.

How to Convert JPG to WEBP Online:

Our best JPEG to WEBP converter handles metadata, EXIF, ICC profiles, bulk conversions, animated WEBP and allows cropping/resizing before conversion. Convert your images to WEBP now for an optimized web experience!


Upload your JPG/JPEG image(s) via file picker or URL.


Set your desired compression mode – lossless for full quality or lossy for smaller sizes.


For animations, set delay time between frames.


Download WEBP file or embed online with the provided URLs.